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C.O.T.C. - Engineers
C.O.T.C. - Camp Mortar Vale
Major Conn Smythe, M.C. Arty Wing
Nursing Float for Homecoming Float Parade, 1948
Students in uniform in Hart House library
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb aftermath - bomb shelter?
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb aftermath - view looking across centre of damage
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb aftermath- Roughening of polished granite by "flash" heat effect at 220 yds. from centre of damage.
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb aftermath - general view of area near the centre of the damage
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb aftermath - blast effect on gasholder one half mile from centre of damage
Snowmachines at Hudson Bay Co. Post
University of Toronto Intermediate Boxing and Wrestling Team, Intercollegiate Champions, 1946-1947
Harold Innis, Haus Seyle, Alf Earling Porsild in the Soviet Union
Visit of the Duke of Kent - inspecting members of the School of Nursing staff and graduates who served in WWII
Nursing Graduates - Diploma II on Graduation Day, June 1948
Learning How To Listen In
Nurse Margaret Allemang
Robert D. Defries
Harry Botterell
Dr. George H. W. Lucas