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Haultain with Senior Ward Aides (the Girls in Green) of the Military Hospitals of Ontario, June 1919
Sir Daniel Wilson
Robert Ramsay Wright
Robert D. Defries
Harry Botterell
Dr. George H. W. Lucas
William Lash Miller
Charles Augustus Chant, Head of the Department of Astronomy.
John G. Fitzgerald, Professor of Hygiene and Preventative Medicine and Director of the Connaught Laboratories
William Paul McLure Kennedy
Omond Solandt
John Joseph Mackenzie, Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, University of Toronto
Professor of mining engineering, H. E. Haultain with family in car
Professor of mining engineering, H. E. Haultain
John Galbraith at chalk board.
Frederick Coates with plaster facial models
Professor Edward Chapman
Henry Holmes Croft, in military uniform as captain of No. 9 company, Queen's Own Rifles
Prof Fred Urquhart