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Dog sled team in front of Hudson's Bay Company, possibly in Churchill Manitoba
Costume for ice show "Peppermint"
Costume for ice show "Sugar Stick Man"
Costume for ice show "Custard Pie"
Costume for ice show "Apple Dumpling"
Frederick Coates in workshop of the Dominion Orthopedic Hospital, Christie St. Toronto
Costume for ice show "Angel Shape"
Class of 1923, Faculty of Engineering
Costume for ice show "Banana Split"
Several Canadians and other westerners at Oxford, C.P. Stacey seated on ground
C.P. Stacey with parents Pearl and Charles E. Stacey, 1922
Armistice Day ceremonies at Soldier's Tower
Col. Lang's funeral procession, Nov 23 1925
Paul Michael O'Sullivan
Graduating Class of 1924, University College, University of Toronto
Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Doorway.
Hart House Great Hall
Hart House, exterior view from north west
University of Toronto [University College] - Library Furniture
University of Toronto [University College] - Drawing No. 28 School of Chemistry