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Electrical Building, University of Toronto
Donald Coxeter at Mt Ranier, Washington, June 1961
School of Library Science video demonstration.
Australian Pat Clohessy, Bruce Kidd, Charlie ?, Chris Williamson in a race at the C.N.E. Labour Day Invitational Meet, Toronto.
Bruce Kidd wins 6 mile race at the 1962 British Empire Games Trials.
Bruce Kidd, Bill Crothers, and coach Fred Foot at the Millrose Games, Madison Square Garden
Runners Bruce Kidd and Harry Jerome at British Empire Game Trials at East York, August 1962
Runner, Bruce Kidd
1968 Graduating Class, School of Nursing, University of Toronto
University of Toronto Varsity Blues Senior Intercollegiate Champions 1967
Football Captains J.R. Pampe and B. R. Taylor
University of Toronto O.Q.AA and College Bowl Football Champions, 1965-66
Dr. H. B. Fairley
Unidentified medical researcher
Mike Raham and Mike Eben
Dr. Ernest McCulloch
Connaught Medical Research Laboratories, Fitzgerald Building
Albert H. Lacey, Chief chemist of the Insulin Committee, Connaught Laboratories
Ground breaking ceremony for Robarts Library. Nov 18 1969
Massey College Opening ceremony, Oct 4 1963