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Drawing of Great Hall by John M. Lyle for proposed building for Women's University College, 1920.
Royal Ontario Museum - Sketch of Plan of Exterior
Map of University of Toronto Campus with satirical cartoons drawn by Helen Kemp (B.A. 1933)
Proposed residence for F.F. Dalley Esq. at Ancaster Ontario, John M. Lyle, architect.
Watercolour entitled "University College in 1876"
Pencil sketch by John Galbraith of native guide, Nahmagoons.
Water colour painting of the Old School of Nursing Building, 7 Queen's park
University of Toronto Erindale College For 5000 Students
Mermaid sketch for stained glass window
Convocation Hall University of Toronto
Toronto Medical Grad
Painted portrait William Henry van der Smissen
Etching of the Old Medical Building by Owen Staples
"The Pathologist",
Illustrated Table of Contents from the yearbook, Torontonensis 1942.
Bust of Sir Frederick Banting
Watercolour of Trinity College Chapel
Scene of Norman Bethune in China taken from Chinese printed poster
Scene of Norman Bethune in China taken from Chinese printed poster
Costume for ice show "Peppermint"