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University Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps on parade on the front campus
The SPS student in France, World War I
Royal Flying Corps in front of the School of Practical Science (Engineering Building)
Harold Adams Innis
Duncan Graham, J.J. Mackenzie and Cyril Imrie
Thain Wendell MacDowell
"P.B.I." [Poor Bloody Infantry], 1920 - poster
Royal Flying Corps, tents on back campus.
Convocation Hall - Official Farewell to University of Toronto No. 4 Base Hospital, 11 April 1915
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
School of Instruction. 2nd Division, Toronto, Nov-Dec. 1915
C.O.T.C. parade for camp, May 3 1915
Young members of the Blake Wrong family read the news about the outbreak of the War, August 1914
Thain MacDowell, University of Toronto graduate, awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in the battle at Vimy Ridge.
Nursing sisters in dug-out in process of construction, No. 4 Canadian General Hospital, Salonika, Jan. 1916
Overseas Training Company, learning to dig trenches near Bathurst north of Forest Hill
University of Toronto - 1st Tank Battalion, May 1918
Canadian Officers Training Corps drill on a snowy front campus, University of Toronto.
Memorial Tower Centre Tablet, October 1932
No. 4 General Hospital, University of Toronto Canadian Expeditionary Force ca. 1916