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Florence Emory of the School of Nursing is joined by Director Emeritus Kathleen Russell and President Sidney Smith at the unveiling of her portrait.
University Professor John Polanyi presents his Nobel Prize to Prof Ann Saddlemyer, master of Massey College, Feb. 27 1989
Prince Philip and Robertson Davies at the opening of Massey College
Scarborough College - celebration in unveiling plans and ribbon cutting ceremony
Royal Ontario Museum - visit of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother
Clara Benson unveiling plaque at the opening ceremonies for the Women's Athletic Centre.
Robert Falconer followed by Wilfrid Laurier walk across the front campus at the Special Convocation for the Installation of President Robert Falconer.
Locker Room opening at the Athletic Centre
William Dean and ? Matthews look over the Economic Atlas of Ontario?
Jack Cairns and Pauline McGibbon at the sod-turning ceremony for the John P. Robarts Research Library
O.D. Vaughan, Chairman of the Board of Governors, with John P. Robarts
Sod Turning Ceremony for Robarts Library