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Urban Studies - Portrait of Professor Gail Cook
Convocation - honorary degree conferred to Major-General George P. Vanier
Portrait - Prof George Grant (copyprint)
National Fund - Honouring of Co-Chairmen
Hart House - Portraits of Wardens Joseph McCulley and J.B. Bickersteth
Portrait - Dr. Martin P. O'Connell
Portrait - Dr. Charles Samuel Hanes
Copyprint of a painting of Sir Daniel Wilson
Portrait - Dr. Arthur Porter
Portrait - Dr. Erik Baer
Portraits - Professor R. Cranford Pratt and colleague
Portrait - Dr. Bissell and Sidney Smith (copy print)
Retirement Party for Dr. William E. Blatz
Portrait - Miss Wardlaw (copy print)
Harold E. Jones in front of Physics building
Office of the President - Bissell with Chief Justices Robert Tashereau and John Robert Cartwright
Dr. Shirley Fleming
Portraits - Dr. George Warburton Spragge and Dr. George Wright Young
Portrait - Professor H. R. Rice (copyprint)
Portrait - Frank R. Stone and George L. Court